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Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors
for Electronics


wpe1F.jpg (4812 bytes) Vapor corrosion inhibitors are an ideal way to protect all of your electronics from corrosion damage.
VCI's unique properties stop the corrosion process by passivating the surface and inhibiting or depressing the electrochemical mechanism that triggers oxidation
Large Desiccant Bags
Unit Bags
Large clay and silica gel desiccant bags are a perfect way to eliminate damage causing moisture in a larger space.  Our large desiccant bags meet MIL-D-3464E and are packaged in Tyvek, Kraft, or Sewn Lantuck.
Poly Lam Products supplies the widest variety of high quality desiccant packets available in standard and custom configurations.
Knowing if moisture is the cause of your damage is key. Poly Lam can help you protect your products with a wide variety of humidity indication products.

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