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ThermoCheck Portable Recorder


apps: Food & Beverage Application


ESCORT ThermoCheck is a portable, handheld temperature recording system used to validate the temperature of products at various stages of production and storage. The ESCORT ThermoCheck assists organisations within the food industry in maintaining HACCP compliance.

ThermoCheck uses an easy to use proprietary database format to store product information and temperature data. The unit can also store the process/location name and the date and time relating to each temperature reading recorded.

The user friendly ThermoCheck software allows for the download (retrieval) and viewing of stored readings via your PC. Downloaded data reading(s) can also be saved to disk and/or printed through the ThermoCheck software. Additionally, the software provides the facility to save database configurations as templates. These templates can be edited or uploaded to one or more units at a later date.
Database of 250 Different Product Types Database of Date & Time of Test
Database of 250 Different processes/locations Save Time, Space and Man Hours
Database of 250 Different corrective actions No paperwork and errors
Database of Critical Temperature by Product
Database of 20 Different Users identified by PIN code entry
Sensor range from -40C to +300C Accuracy 1.0C
PC Storage for Program and Data Storage IP Rating 54
Handheld device as light as 117 grams Size 155 x 70 x 28 mm
Resolution 0.1C Rechargeable batteries
K & T-Type Thermocouple Probe compatible
Dot matrix LCD Display 160 x 160pixels, backlit Software:Escort ThermoCheck v.2.0
Please note: The ThermoCheck software is not available for free download, it must be purchased separately
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